"Popcorn" is the nickname we gave to our incredibly active son. If you spent 2 minutes with him, you will easily understand the meaning of the nickname. The Chinese Noodle is the affectionate nickname we chose for our hoped for Daughter-to-Be, who may one day come to us in the LORD's perfect time from China.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kid Confidence

I have given a great deal of thought to the healthy development of confidence in children.
Here is one way we develop it in our son:  We go to the Farmer's Market most every week.
I give him a set amount of money ($3-5.00 usually), and he is to pick out
some healthy foods for us to prepare for the week.

This idea is such fun, and so rewarding, too. 
Not only are we LEARNING about new and unusual vegetables,
we are meeting new people, practicing manners, the art of conversation,
the value of money, and the wisdom of decision making on the fly.

I didn't realize how much HE actually enjoyed it until recently, when
asked what he wanted to do while his good friend Joshua was here
for the day.  He answered, "First, let's go to the Farmer's Market." 
And there you have it!

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