"Popcorn" is the nickname we gave to our incredibly active son. If you spent 2 minutes with him, you will easily understand the meaning of the nickname. The Chinese Noodle is the affectionate nickname we chose for our hoped for Daughter-to-Be, who may one day come to us in the LORD's perfect time from China.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Salvation Army Treasures!

 I have been encouraged at the shopping opportunities in the local area this autumm. 
 I found 2 chairs and many other treasures
with which I will beautify my little cottage in the next few weekends. 
 First assignment I tackled was my "Breakfast Nook."  
 Having lived here for nearly 8 months now,
I have discovered that we congregate as a family for more than just meals in this area. 

 A problem was identified: No comfortable place to sit! 
This is a biggie in my book, since I really LOVE
 to TALK and LISTEN to my family members when they come around
 and seem to want to talk.
  Here is my solution: I removed the little Kitchen Table
 (we really did use it quite a bit, but now I have an excuse
 to use my lovely large Dining Room for Meals).  
I pulled the little child's table in the area for "B" to snack on, and do his
Homework in the evenings.  I am able to make dinner
and still supervise since the Kitchen is located
just to the right in the photos. 
The materials I used were either given to me (hand me downs), or
I found them in a box in my basement from years ago.
The Gorgeous Pillows were a hand-crafted Housewarming Gift
from my talented Baby Sister.
Here is a "Before" Picture of the Breakfast Nook:
 And After...
I love the way the little cozy area turned out... Now to conquer the Living Room!