"Popcorn" is the nickname we gave to our incredibly active son. If you spent 2 minutes with him, you will easily understand the meaning of the nickname. The Chinese Noodle is the affectionate nickname we chose for our hoped for Daughter-to-Be, who may one day come to us in the LORD's perfect time from China.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the First Step...

     Our annual family vacation (including a 1,256 mile journey in the car) begins in two days.  I am literally trying to gather myself and our "Stuff" together for our road adventure as I type this!  We will "fall into the car" with pillows and blankets at 4am on Thursday.  I have volunteered for the first leg of driving, so I will have black coffee in hand (instead of pillow & blanket), and CD book on tape to get me through Memphis before the traffic gets bad.  I will be listening to the Mitford series (again) by Jan Karon, and I am quite excited about it. 
     I just returmed from merchant-ships-mart (AKA "Stuff-Mart," if you  are a Veggie tale fan, Walmart, if you need the normal translation), and have purchased a brand new head set (ear phones) for each member of our family.  Not really fostering togetherness, but I do not plan to listen to the audio book "20,000 Leagues under the Sea" another 7 times this trip (Popcorn's favorite from last year). 
      Next stop... the library to check out some educational dvds for the boy, and perhaps a book on tape for the whole family to enjoy together when the guilt about my self-indulgence of listening to only what I want to sets in.  Yes, I am driven by rivers of guilt at times. 
     See you on the Highways of America -- from Arkansas to New Jersey!

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