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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sarah Speaks! Day 16 Update

"Surely YOU have granted us eternal blessings
and made us glad with the joy of YOUR Presence."
Psalm 21:6, NIV)

The most wonderful news! I spoke to Sarah on the Telephone today! My parents made it safely down to Charlotte after a 10 hour drive, and were able to spend some time with Curtis and Debbie, and a little time with Sarah last night (they arrived late Saturday night, and only got to pop in & out of the hospital before visiting hours were over). Today after church, I called Mom's cell phone and she was in the room with Sarah. Of course, she asked Sarah if she would like to talk to me. Sarah's voice was faint and raspy, but it sounded beautiful to me.

"Sarah, it's Aunt Dawnie... How are you feeling today?"

"I don't feel well."

"I'm sorry, Sarah. I am praying for you."

"Thanks, I can't talk right now."

It's ok, Sarah. I love you."

"I love you, Aunt Dawnie."

I have never been more happy to hear those last five words in all my life! I still have a huge lump in my
throat as I write. But it is a "good" lump. Mom said that last night when it was time to leave, Sarah seemed to be resting peacefully, so Mom quietly started to walk to the door to go to the Hospitality House for the night.

"Grandma, aren't you going to say Goodnight to me?" Sarah said in that raspy, weak voice.

Mom ran back to her bed and gave her a gentle hug & apologized, explaining that she thought Sarah was asleep & did not want to awaken her.

Barbara is supposed to be at the Hospital today, too. Barb & I were able to have a long talk yesterday on the phone. She is comforted somewhat in seeing Sarah's progress and ability to speak and start to understand all the happenings of the accident.

Note to our Prayer Warriors: I thank the LORD for the glimpses of HIS presence, and for giving our family obvious reflections of HIS Love through other people's actions and words of encouragement. Please continue to pray for Sarah, Barbara, Curtis, Debbie, and Jess.

Late Note: 11:50pm Sunday -I just learned that Mr. Hamilton and Mr.Dowler from the Camp Hill Church of Christ Congregation are driving to Charlotte right now. Pray for safe travel, and for open hearts when they arrive. I am hoping that Barbara will be there, too. My father and brother are currently on their way back to PA (driving... more prayers needed, please). My mother and Debbie will remain for the week to be with Sarah.  Barbara has an exam on Monday, but will be there as much as she is able this week.

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