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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making Music with Children

Making Music
We love Music!  We usually have something playing in the background at our house throughout the day.  We also invent different instruments to play. 

If you have kids of your own, or are babysitting and are stuck for new ideas of how to keep the kids entertained, search no further than your kitchen cabinets and cupboards! We have hours of fun using what's inside of them. It's an inexpensive and fun way to create memories with kids as you compose free music that you've crafted and played together.  And you can play CDs and play along with them, which is a great way to help children learn rhythm, beat, and melody.  Here are some Quick ways to keep music in your daily fun:

Line up the glasses on the kitchen table in a row and fill them all with different amounts of water. If you have food coloring, add drops of coloring to each of the glasses, making each glass a different color.

Take a spoon and tap the sides of each glass over and over again in different order. It will produce a different pitched ring based on how much water you have inside the glass. Demonstrate first for your child, then give him/her a spoon to try it.
Now that your child is happily entertained tapping glassed and making music, line up two cans on the table as well, bottom-side up. Start tapping them with the wooden spoon for your own miniature drumming session.
Take turns with your child alternating back and forth between drummer and instrumentalist. They will be happy and occupied for hours.

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