"Popcorn" is the nickname we gave to our incredibly active son. If you spent 2 minutes with him, you will easily understand the meaning of the nickname. The Chinese Noodle is the affectionate nickname we chose for our hoped for Daughter-to-Be, who may one day come to us in the LORD's perfect time from China.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sea Isle 2011 Vacation

Beach time with Brayden and Jess

The making of a great sand castle

It takes a lot of digging and sculpting...

The Atlantic Ocean is pretty cold.
Let's share a sun-warmed beach towel!

All the guys are digging the sand fort

The ocean seeped in...

Katie digs a deeper mote...

Sunning Cow Girl

Eden bails out some water from inside the castle

Happy Birthday to Debbie

Pop Pop & Curtis watch from the side

Birthday Cake for Corey

Joe fries up some eggs

Make a Wish

the deep hole

Watching bill Nye the Science guy in the evening

Family movie and Popcorn in the Living Room with Pop Pop

Drawing the Tazmanian Devil for
AM activities

Greg and Sarah Marie

Jewelry making in the evening...

A good time ad
creative giving (bracelets for the girls were made and given)
I love to see happy children
busily playing on the Beach!

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