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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elf Mischief... from our Visiting Elf

Our Naughty Elf From Santa for 2010
"Christov Gorbechov"

Santa sent him, passport and all...  He warned that this one may give us trouble.  Santa has been sending us an "Elf on the Shelf" for about 3 years now.  The elf is usually a different one every year.  Most years the elves have been friendly, nice, quiet, and well-mannered.  But not this year.  This year there has been Elf Mischief.  Perhaps Santa should know, it has gone far enough...
Skis on the job
The first week on the job we found him skiing in the Ice Cream in the Freezer!  Imagine that!  He is supposed to be observing and reporting our behavior to Santa, & instead, we are having to report His behavior!
Next, imagine our SHOCK upon awakening to see a Party of Elves and other creatures (stuffed animals from Blaine's room) celebrating some unknown Elf event with treats, candy, cookies, and MANY crumbs under our Tree!   A big mess!!  We are going to let Santa Know in uncertain terms that this Elf is having an unfavorable influence on the stuffed animals in this home!

If that weren't enough, before we even sent out our report to Santa, the next morning there was a Huge Craft Party in the toy room.  When we stepped in there to gather things for the day, we found snippets of paper and ribbon and craft materials all over the floor, and a circle of Animals, figurines,and one Elf Leader caught red-handed in the act!  Do others have this same challenge?  I wonder...

Last night, I actually had a dream that there was loud Christmas music and noisy dancing somewhere nearby.  I was unable to arouse myself from sleep, but when I brought my morning cup of Joe into the Living Room, what did my two sleepy eyes behold:  half a dozen little stuffed animals and figurines, along with a Merry Elf under the Tree, with our little piano, violin, and some drumsticks in Hand!  It wasn't a dream after all!  It looked like a Merry Jam Session occurred in the wee hours of the morning.

Blaine is quite amused with all of this mischief, and it seems much easier for him to get out of bed now, no matter how late bedtime the evening before had been. 

It is really something, that Elf.  I am going to have to write Santa another letter...

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