"Popcorn" is the nickname we gave to our incredibly active son. If you spent 2 minutes with him, you will easily understand the meaning of the nickname. The Chinese Noodle is the affectionate nickname we chose for our hoped for Daughter-to-Be, who may one day come to us in the LORD's perfect time from China.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Deep Ponderings from a Mother's Heart

     I love this photo of Blaine's hand at 7 years old.  Sometimes I just stare at him, trying to memorize every detail of him at this age, for I know time will zip by and he will grow, and I want to store up all these treasures of him in my heart, for later pondering (as Mary did in the Bilble).  Imagine Mary's ponderings, how precious was the little boy Jesus to her?  It makes my heart ache to think of what she endured before and during His crucifixion.  I believe she DID understand the purpose of His life, how else could she have helped prepared Him for such a precious and sinless and sacrificial life?
     When our Birthmother told us that she had been to the hospital (she thought her water had broken) and had found out that she was having a boy, a little band tightened around my heart at the very sound of her words.  A Boy!  Such a marvelous opportunity to train and equip a MAN for God's Kingdom.  The very next day, I went to the Library and checked out a stack of books on Godly, Great men.  I scoured their pages for hints of a mother's influence in these men's lives.   In the end, my very favorites were Susan Wesley and Rose Kennedy.  These mothers purposed in their hearts to live in a way that influenced their sons for leadership, intelligence, and service to the world.  I began to look differently at Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Ruth, Sarah, and yes, even Leah and Rahab.  I still meditate on how these women raised their sons to make a magnificent difference in this world in their time.   May the Lord continue to help me mother my bouncing grasshopper of a boy to make a difference in his time and culture!

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